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CMMS Pundit– Maintenance Management Software Blog

Maintenance Software: Don't let the 'Mob Rule' in your Facility

We've all heard a lot about 'mob rule' in the news lately. Those of us out here working for a living are hearing that either angry and frustrated citizens, or mobs depending on your point of view, are giving some Washington lawmakers grief over the current healthcare debate. Hmmm... sounds like more of the same from that place.

 Maintenance Software: Don't let the 'Mob Rule' in your Facility

Meantime, on the national economic front lines are the business warriors trying to shield their facilities and plants from the effects of the recession and limit any losses that could occur due to lower sales and plant inefficiencies. These people certainly are not a 'mob.' These people are us.

'Mob rule' is a pretty strong term

Let's face it; 'mob rule' is synonymous with anarchy, chaos and disorder. That kind of atmosphere rarely reigns at any plant or facility in the United States at least. But confusion sometimes does. Not misrule, but lack of organization. You know the circumstance. Some departments don't communicate very well. One hand is tasked with activities that directly impinge on the activities of the other. That happens.

One area specifically, maintenance management often finds itself at cross purposes with production scheduling and equipment purchasing preferences. Consequently, proper preventive maintenance cannot be accomplished because the line needs to keep moving. Or, new machinery is purchased based upon price bids which do not reflect future costs based on real-life experience.

Maintenance Software is the answer

MAPCON Technologies, Inc. has created some of the finest maintenance software anywhere. Mapcon has been serving maintenance professionals by providing outstanding maintenance management software for over 25 years. That's a lot of experience!

Most maintenance professionals realize that their facility needs to be governed by standards and procedures that ensure the long term health and viability of plant assets and equipment. Their job is to keep maintenance costs low by applying active preventive maintenance practices and deploying standardized equipment of proven maintenance reliability. They know they must control parts and repair costs through prudent planning. That's why thousands of government and commercial facilities across the globe from White Sands, New Mexico to Abu Dubai, UAE employ MAPCON maintenance software.

Enterprise-Wide Asset Management ensures order and stability

We're not a big fan of mob rule government or just simply too much government interference in any event. We do need good government. Sometimes people prefer a lot of regulation. Sometimes though, government sows its own special level of confusion and turmoil. Be that as it may. Our job is to make the facility run like clockwork, whether or not the government's hand is apparent. That requires order and stability. It requires a high-level of reliability that can only be achieved through quality enterprise-wide asset management.

So, maintenance software is an essential element in managing large plants or multi-location facilities. MAPCON maintenance software is designed to work right 'out of the box,' or can be customized for the facility application required. MAPCON maintenance software can be deployed as a Web-based (rich Internet) application accessible by any authorized User from any computer across a far-flung geography or from a Network-based application by authorized workstation Users.

MAPCON shields your facility from any hint of 'mob rule'

MAPCON maintenance software provides premier Computerized Maintenance Management System software for facilities and industry interested in a comprehensive full-featured maintenance management software package without a budget-breaking price tag. Time to get control of things? Contact MAPCON Technologies today!

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