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CMMS Pundit– Maintenance Management Software Blog

The Affordable Health Care Option for Industrial Plant & Equipment

So the career problem-solvers in Washington, D.C. are trying to figure out how to provide millions of human beings access to comprehensive health care without spending too much over a trillion and half dollars. We wish them good luck with that. But, it does seem like a task designed for politicians by politicians. And, maybe media pundits.

 The Affordable Health Care Option for Industrial Plant & Equipment

Maintenance Software is the right prescription for controlling operating costs

On the other hand, we want to report that an affordable 'health care' option is available for your facility assets, plant and equipment. MAPCON's comprehensive Maintenance Software ensures intelligent preventive maintenance schedules are met while keeping buildings and machinery healthy and running in top-notch condition.

Listen, everyone in the country knows that keeping costs low while maintaining efficient productivity are fundamental elements for any successful organization. Nothing approaches the unhealthy negative effects on these factors more than equipment downtime and unscheduled repairs. Well, of course, we're not mentioning direct interference from our friends around the Beltway. That's another matter altogether.

MAPCON Maintenance Software packages are easy-to-use and affordable

MAPCON Preventive Maintenance Software packages are full-featured Work Order and Preventive Maintenance,S CMMS Maintenance Software systems integrating Asset Management, Inventory, Purchasing and PDA Technology.

MAPCON Maintenance Software lets you plan regular maintenance tasks and procedures to prevent costly downtime while reducing costs due to lost productivity. At the same time MAPCON's Maintenance Software allows you to document emergency repairs, contractor costs and any other activities related to asset management. MAPCON Preventive Maintenance Software packages handle the critical task of alerting you when maintenance is due. Maintenance work is described in detail and critical areas highlighted and work orders are generated automatically. MAPCON Maintenance Software is all about affordable health care for plant and equipment.

Best of all, industrial plant and equipment health care pays for itself

Of course, that's the crux of the situation. How can we pay for 'universal health care'? Well there's the Washington way: tax, tax and tax some more. Then, there's our solution: Keep our Maintenance Software prices affordable, provide a very effective maintenance management tool and, most importantly, drive out expenditures for unscheduled downtime and unexpected repairs. In fact, the ROI for MAPCON Maintenance Software can sometimes be counted in the millions of dollars!

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