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Preventive Maintenance Software Earns Carbon Credits

There's a new era sweeping across the Land. A new leader has passed the 100-Day mark in Washington, D.C. A new central governing philosophy is firmly rooting itself among the power elite. Global warming is pretty much a done deal and resistance to the idea of man-made environmental disaster is considered by many to be a sign of a 'flat-earth' mentality. Most business people we know are smart enough to think for themselves, but even big oil now urgently advertises its investments in alternative energy technology. 'Green' has arrived.

Preventive Maintenance Software Earns Carbon Credits

Preventive Maintenance Software provides an excellent way to earn Carbon Credits.

Yes it does. Really.

Okay, we're not scientists. We don't know a heck of a lot about carbonology. Truth is, only our illustrious senators, congresspersons, Hollywood actors and university students really do. And in this day and age that's all that matters. If they say it's so, who are we to argue? Besides, our friends in the media consider it very impolitic to put forth viewpoints at variance with the government and they might say discouraging things about us if we did. That's bad for business. So, end of discussion. We're Green too.

Getting down to brass tacks, Preventive Maintenance Software lowers energy costs by assisting maintenance managers in keeping facility assets and equipment from becoming a drain on carbon energy sources. Poorly maintained machinery consumes carbon-based lubricants, oils and fossil fuel at a rate far in excess of properly maintained machinery. Manufacturing replacement parts further strains carbon pollutant output. Buildings allowed to fall into disrepair, whether cooling and heating systems, roofing or exterior infrastructure are involved, become inefficient users of carbon-based energy. Preventive Maintenance Software and Work Order Software can ensure scheduled preventive maintenance takes place before systems contribute to unsatisfactory Carbon Energy usage.

Preventive Maintenance Software is an environmentally-friendly way to do business.

Look, being Green doesn't mean just planting trees around the campus or driving a Prius to work. The government is seriously considering punitive taxation of suppliers and users of Carbon Energy! That's serious stuff. No matter what part of the political spectrum you prefer, it doesn't matter if the people who occupy the White House and Congress plan to put into place laws which encourage wind, solar or biofuel energy and penalize coal and petroleum-based sources. If were to happen, energy costs for most companies likely would rise substantially and therefore the need to lower operating costs in other areas would become paramount. That's not political. It's just bottom-line reality.

Smart maintenance management dictates that all organizations will soon embrace computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) using state-of-the-art preventive maintenance software. We're sure you'll not be surprised to learn, that's where MAPCON Preventive Maintenance Software comes in. We proudly assert we've been proponents of "Green" technology well before it was the marketing-correct thing to do. We support our friends in the BioFuels industry by being one of their top preventive maintenance software providers in the United States. While others may point to current research, we can point to over 25 years creating Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Work Order Software for industries as varied as space exploration and health care.

Preventive Maintenance and the Greening of America: Time to get onboard?

No one can predict what the future will hold. One thing is for certain however, the old paradigm is shifting rapidly. The government has allocated billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to push alternative energy projects and lower America's 'carbon footprint.' Agree with these policies or not, it's a fact.

The question is, "Will your facility be ready to answer management's challenge to reduce carbon energy consumption?" Management is surely going to be asking you soon! We at MAPCON Technologies, Inc. would like to invite you to consider our sophisticated preventive maintenance software solutions. In fact, free for 30-days you can evaluate the best maintenance software on Earth: MAPCON Professional. Or MAPCON Jemms. Or, for just $495, MAPCON Lite.

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