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CMMS Pundit– Maintenance Management Software Blog

Maintenance Software in a Politically Sensitive Recession

It is a sad fact. No matter how inexpensive (certainly that's a 'relative' word) the price of maintenance software, it's always a cost that requires careful negotiation and deliberation. Which is not fair. After all, there's no celebrity available to wear a 'milk-moustache' in a cool commercial for maintenance software. And, Maintenance Software can't be visualized wearing a sexy tan on a tropical beach. You can't drink it or smoke it. Maybe it's not very relevant.

Maintenance Management in a Recession

Maintenance Software is a tough sell, except if you use political hypnosis.

In pondering this marketing muddle, we decided to take a page from the smooth political jargon that seems to do so well with the public these days. So, here's the thing: Maintenance Software is an investment. Really. It is.

Now, we're not even remotely suggesting that the government take over maintenance management for private enterprise. And, the politician's idea of what constitutes an 'investment' is more than likely much different than what any successful business manager or entrepreneur might consider. Moreover, there are probably very few managers, successful or not, who would voluntarily opt out of any future bonus payments and simultaneously open their management decision process to congressional inquisition. But, we digress.

According to any ordinary (non-political) dictionary, an investment is defined as expending money or capital in an effort likely to produce a profitable return or an appreciation of value. Yes, yes, that's all very technical. In some places possibly shameful. And, there are those who might even suggest that without some kind of government oversight the 'wealthy' would actually use that principle to enrich themselves. Regardless, it is certainly not our intention to embarrass anyone here.

Maintenance Software actually produces measureable increases in bottom line profitability

We just feel investing in MAPCON Maintenance Software is a wise move that will definitely provide a healthy return far in excess of the original expenditure. We know that this is the case through empirical evidence. In fact, many of our customers will provide solemn testimonials (preferably not in Washington, D.C.) acknowledging the measureable benefits they have realized in increased productivity and reduced downtime. So, we think maintenance software is a real smart idea. There's nothing embarrassing or controversial about that, is there?

MAPCON Maintenance Software is super easy to use and set up. It's fully customizable and can take command of almost any maintenance management scenario. The list of supported preventive maintenance and work order scenarios are almost endless. Meanwhile, keeping essential equipment free of unscheduled downtime and preventing expensive vendor repairs saves thousands. Controlling parts and replacement inventory by stocking only the items the system will require saves more. That's smart. Maintenance Software generates profits while preventing wasted time and money. Really smart.

MAPCON forthrightly acknowledges its 25 year mastery of maintenance software

What about our competitors? Some do a good job. Others not so good. But, MAPCON has specialized in creating the best maintenance software for facilities and industry since 1982. That's a long while in the digital era. Nearly before DOS even (but not). In fact, we've been making outstanding maintenance software since the start of the Microsoft Empire. So, we can easily state that we're pretty darn experienced.

Now in the olden days of the Great Depression when so many professionals were out of work, some entrepreneurial types decided to take matters in their own hands and opened small businesses. Some sold apples on street corners. That spirit is nothing to diminish and speaks to the real strength of American enterprise. During the current recession, some are trying to make things work in a similar fashion. However, the nature of the global marketing system makes it difficult to tell the bad apples from the good guys. Even if they're sporting a milk moustache. So be very careful when selecting your maintenance software.

Finally, this article is not supposed to be about MAPCON Maintenance Software. Well, maybe it is a little. After all, we don't want to spark media frenzy and an avalanche of indignant commentary from the world of militant viewpoints. (Actually, that might help our branding, ya think maybe?) So, yeah. We wrote this whole thing and are kinda hoping you'll evaluate the best maintenance software on Earth: MAPCON Professional. Or MAPCON Jemms. Or, for just $495, MAPCON Lite.

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