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CMMS Pundit– Maintenance Management Software Blog

CMMS: Essential Maintenance Management for Every Facility

All smart operations and plant managers know that implementation of sophisticated Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is essential to keep facility operations running smoothly while keeping operating costs from growing out of control. The only question is, "Which CMMS will provide all the maintenance-related features and long-term reliability we depend upon to run our operations?"

CMMS: Essential Maintenance Management for Every Facility

MAPCON - Creating CMMS for over 25 years: Here yesterday, here today and here for the long haul.

MAPCON CMMS Software is the answer. Let's address the 'long-term reliability' part of the question first. That part is easy. MAPCON has been creating CMMS Software since 1982. In fact, we had among the very first CMMS applications running on the original DOS systems. We've been listening to our customers and continuously improving our CMMS ever since.

Today, MAPCON boasts 3 major CMMS Software variations, including MAPCON Jemms for Enterprise-Level, Rich-Internet, Web-based approach to CMMS unrivaled in the industry. MAPCON Professional is our comprehensive system-based GUI-interface CMMS so packed with intelligent, effective functionality that it is the CMMS standard against which the competition is measured. MAPCON Lite, a feature-rich but affordable CMMS option that allows maintenance management to implement CMMS and evaluate options as they build their system.

MAPCON CMMS Software options also include the PocketMaint PDA Module which provides complete wireless mobility to maintenance personnel while providing up-to-the-minute information flow into the organization CMMS. Our iMAPCON product brings the functionality of CMMS to individual Web browsers so, for instance, employees can enter repair requests directly from their own workstations. Another MAPCON product, ScanMaint, a Barcode Utility that improves speed and accuracy especially for counting Inventory.

So, MAPCON Technologies, Inc. has been around a long time already delivering sophisticated CMMS to customers as diverse as NASA and the West Des Moines School District. We plan to keep producing the best, most powerful and economical CMMS available anywhere.

MAPCON - The Premier CMMS with the Feature-Rich Environment

MAPCON CMMS is so packed with features and options it has earned the title as the premier Computerized Maintenance Management Software System by many of its ardent users and fans. No wonder.

MAPCON was created by expert technical staff with long roots in the maintenance management field. Well before the advent of the Internet, CMMS was a reality at MAPCON and at our CMMS partners. We've had a lot of time and experience in determining the needs of maintenance management personnel and we've succeeded in developing a wide array of CMMS features that meet every maintenance and maintenance-related contingency.

CMMS done correctly dramatically lowers operating costs and promotes operational efficiencies that increase profitability. Downtime for unexpected breakdowns is dramatically reduced and expensive vendor fixes are eliminated by effective preventive maintenance. Longer equipment lifecycles lowers parts inventories. Overall plant efficiencies increase labor and equipment productivity significantly raising profitability. CMMS is clearly a good thing.

MAPCON has provided a couple of application feature comparison charts which detail the most sought after maintenance-related features that each of its three principal CMMS Software packages contain. The feature summary chart provides an excellent overview of MAPCON's Jemms, Pro and Lite series CMMS. The more detailed comparison chart delineates a more detailed list of features, again comparing all three CMMS Software options.

MAPCON CMMS - A wise investment with an immediate, measureable ROI

There is no question that MAPCON CMMS is an affordable investment. Starting as low as $495 for MAPCON Lite to under $10,000 for an Enterprise-Level CMMS (MAPCON Jemms). Why not get started today? Feel free to download a no obligation, full-featured Evaluation of any of our CMMS applications right now!

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